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The Best of Both Worlds: Live Instrumentation and the Top Wedding DJ in Charleston

Are you looking for the best wedding DJs in Charleston, South Carolina? Look no further! A hybrid of live music and a DJ is the perfect way to make your special day one that you and your guests will never forget. With live instrumentation combined with a DJ, you can have the best of both worlds and the ultimate soundtrack at your wedding. Not only does this combination provide an amazing atmosphere, but it also offers a range of benefits. I’d love to show you why I’ve referred to as the best wedding DJ in Charleston for a long time!

Wedding DJ / Charleston, SC: Why Choose Darby Events? Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

The Atmosphere

With so many weddings DJs in Charleston, why book Darby Events? For starters the energy in the room is always noticeable. Not only that, but Stephen’s ability to blend modern music with classic and traditional sounds will keep guests of all ages engaged and entertained throughout the night. The wedding venue on your big day should feel electric and only the best mobile DJ can deliver that. Any professional wedding DJ can play music but only the best wedding DJ in Charleston will leave your guests talking about the atmosphere on your wedding day for months to come. This is not your Grandma’s oldies night, disco party or a karaoke night and my job as an entertainer is to create an atmosphere at a wedding reception or special event that no one has experienced before.

The Energy

Do all wedding DJs in Charleston bring the energy? The answer is no. More than just being a good MC, a professional DJ must have energy-packed music thats is unique. When you combine live music with the range and variety of a DJ, you can create energy through music that just can’t be replicated. Moreover, the music at your wedding can be whatever you want it to be; whether it’s hip-hop, EDM, country or rock. I’m able to create a unique and energetic atmosphere that will get your guests up and dancing all night.

Live instruments add a special energy to the music being played. When I am playing piano live as I DJ, it adds an exciting and dynamic sound that brings the party to life. Not only does this bring the energy up, but it also allows me to easily transition seamlessly between genres. This is especially helpful during those times when you don’t want to just have one type of music on your playlist and a range of ages in attendance. We also offer amazing extras like uplighting and photo booth options that further compliment this energy and the atmosphere.

All in all, the energy that this live element can bring to your wedding is unparalleled. It is truly the best of both worlds!

The Specialness

My combination of live instrumentation and DJing has a specialness all of its own. With the use of these sounds and musical creativity, I can provide a distinctly different atmosphere that will make your wedding stand out from the rest. This “specialness” is what helped me to be named #1 of all wedding Djs in Charleston, SC and I do not take that for granted.

My approach to DJing is based on creating a custom soundscape that reflects the couple’s vision, which often includes a mix of both acoustic and electronic music. The organic sound created by my live instruments complements the electronic music that I spin, creating an atmosphere that is energetic, special, and unforgettable. I have found that wedding guests especially enjoy the added dimension of live instrumentation, as it creates a unique musical experience that is only available at my events. With my hybrid approach to DJing, I guarantee your Charleston wedding will be one that people will remember for years to come. Let’s work together to make your wedding one of a kind!

The Mix

A lot of wedding DJs in Charleston have preset lists of songs they play every time. The same can be said for almost every wedding band in the Charleston area. In addition, the average Charleston wedding DJ is more concerned with being a master of ceremonies over being the best DJ. I don’t just work my way through a playlist like the average DJ company would, I read the crowd and blend music according to how these guests respond. Talented DJs also know their music and my library of mash ups and mixes is exceptional. That being said, I don’t just play remixes and always play originals, especially if it is a special request from my couple.

Secondly, I specialize in creating custom mixes that incorporate all genres of music. Some have live instrumentation but they all are designed to create high-energy parties for all ages. This is what sets me apart from the typical wedding band and all other wedding DJs in Charleston. Above all, I am an entertainment service and always perfecting the way I mix music. Most importantly I’m always researching new music, experimenting with different sounds and using my years of professionalism and experience to make sure the mix at your Charleston wedding is something special. This is what makes Darby Events the top wedding DJ in Charleston!

The Fun

Lastly, my ability to fuse instrumentation, high-level DJing and eclectic music mixes is just plain fun! It does not take long for guests to realize that they are in for a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Guests will be amazed and delighted by the dynamic sound of a live piano during the celebration, adding to the fun and excitement of the night. With a combination of Dj and live music, the energy is palpable!

I love to keep things moving and exciting throughout the night, and the presence of a live musician certainly adds to that. From classic jazz standards to today’s top hits, everyone will be dancing and singing along! It’s always great to see guests engaging with the music in such an enthusiastic way. This combination of DJ and live music ensures that everyone is having a great time and creates a memorable experience.

At the end of the night, you’ll all walk away feeling satisfied, exhausted and with a smile on your face. Your guests will thank you for an unforgettable evening, and you’ll know that you provided them with an experience that was unlike any other. That is what I want to provide my couples and the thing that makes this job the best in the world. Live instrumentation combined with a DJ sets the mood for your special night, making it one that everyone will remember for years to come.


Make Your Event Stand Out With An Entertainment Experience Like No Other.

All Wedding DJs in Charleston are Not Built the Same!

Here are A Couple Other Reasons Why You Want the Top Wedding DJ in Charleston at Your Event


It is Unique: 

Let’s face it. Everyone has been to a wedding or event with a typical DJ or unrehearsed band and they just do not stand outs. Most wedding DJs in Charleston are this way as well. However that is not the case when Darby Events is booked. Your guests will experience entertainment that does stand out and is incredibly unique.

Things are Customizable: 

One of the best things about Darby Events is how customizable the music is. Whatever playlist you want for your wedding, Stephen can add his touches of instrumentation to anything. Even more, we can make custom music edits or specialized arrangements specifically for your special day.

It is Versatile: 

The combination of a DJ alongside instrumentation gives you versatility at its best. There are no boundaries for the playlist or the songs that can be played to boost the mood and pack a dance floor. Furthermore, the piano adds adds a touch of elegance and flow everyone can always see and feel. Versatility is key and that is why Darby Events entertainment services are perfect for any event, from weddings to corporate events to birthday parties and more.

It Has a Live Feel: 

Unlike all other wedding Djs in Charleston, the music you will hear has a live feel to it. The blend of live and recorded elements truly is the best of both worlds and the #1 reason Darby Events is the best wedding DJ in Charleston and an amazing choice for your event entertainment

Darby in Action!

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“DJing is the foundation of what I do, its my life...but throughout my events, I merge live piano instrumentation while I mix and match music of every genre. I've set my self apart from other wedding DJs in Charleston, SC but its important to explain that DJing is the core of my performance. Overall, watching guests react to something they have never seen is amazing and rewarding”