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Meet Stephen and Darby Events


My name is Stephen (sometimes “Darby” in the wedding world) and it’s great to “E-meet” you! I’m a commercial DJ, Producer and Classical Pianist and have found my niche in incorporating touches of live piano instrumentation as I DJ. My approach to entertainment as a Charleston wedding DJ is very unique and my passion is sharing my music with couples and guests of all kinds! I have worked hard to become the best DJ for my couple’s to ensure their special day is an absolute blast.

I studied music at the College of Charleston and was fortunate to work exclusively as a professional DJ in the music industry upon graduating. In fact, it’s the only “real” job I’ve ever had and it’s been the time of my life! That led to playing on large stages with names like Tiesto and others and I now have applied those years of experience to a one-of-a-kind brand of high-energy wedding entertainment. 14 years later, I’m fortunate to have been a part of over 1,500 weddings and events nationally and internationally. I have performed all over Charleston, South Carolina and the SC area including Mount Pleasant, Folly Beach, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and more. Some times my events take me far across the country or just to the surrounding states of Florida and North Carolina. No matter where this amazing job has taken me, I’ve had a great time performing for people from all different cultures, lifestyles and walks of life. Event more, I have been celebrity names and even celebrities that have chosen me to be a part of their day.

In addition, I was named the #1 Charleston Wedding DJ voted by fellow wedding vendors and “A Top Wedding DJ in the US” by Billboard Magazine. It could not have happened without my incredible couples and I don’t take that for granted! All in all it has been an amazing journey thus far. 


 What Is Our Mission?

We started Darby Events because we want to provide our clients with the best possible entertainment at their wedding. Our mission is to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for couples on their wedding day. My sole goal has to become the #1 Charleston wedding DJ

At Darby Events, we believe that what makes a wedding special is the people who attend it. That’s why we put our hearts and souls into providing unique entertainment for weddings, so that every person can have an unforgettable experience. Our couples have a care-free experience because they know they have the top wedding DJ in Charleston! After over 10 years of weddings and events, we have seen hundreds of couples come through our doors—we’ve made lifelong friends, heard amazing stories about love, and helped create memories that will last forever. It’s an honor to be a part of such special occasions, and we’re grateful to our clients for choosing us!


I’ve spent a decade perfecting my craft and creating something unique. When I see the impact my music has on people, I know this is what I was meant to do.


The Beginning

I began this journey as a classical pianist and have always loved creating music. Once I discovered the art of mixing two songs together, I was completely hooked.

Finding My Style

One day when I was working on a song with a fellow producer and playing melody lines on a piano, we had a eureka moment and said, “Why don’t you just do that on the piano live?” I then introduced the live piano on stage while I was DJing and have never looked back.

A New Generation

Since then I have fine-tuned my approach to music and performance and have created a niche type of entertainment by fusing live piano and harmonic DJ mixing. I work every day to perfect my craft and be the very best of all Charleston wedding DJs. Being able to rock out for wedding couples and event guests all over the country is the best job on the planet and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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Why Are We Different?

For many years I have worked hard to provide DJ services that are unique and different. I also was fortunate to be voted by my peers as the #1 best wedding DJ in Charleston, SC. I pride myself on a level of professionalism and experience that is unmatched. My only focus as a professional wedding DJ is to make sure everyone has an amazing experience on their big day. Aside from my use of live instrumentation, I’m different from other every other Charleston wedding DJ in that every special event I play has a curated playlist. Music selection is everything and I pride myself on the fact that every wedding reception I’m at has a packed dance floor the entire night.

The Best Charleston Wedding DJ knows Every Venue in Charleston, SC

Whether we are placing uplighting, setting up a Photo Booth or stationing speakers for a wedding ceremony, Darby Events has been doing this a long time and know the perfect place to work within every venue in the Charleston area. Local knowledge is everything and we have it. As we said, the best Charleston wedding DJs must know Charleston venues!

Darby Events Background

As a classical pianist from the College of Charleston, I have found my niche in incorporating live piano instrumentation while DJing. If you have a moment, take a look at my section of VIDEOS and I can demonstrate how! Although I incorporate live piano, DJing is truly the foundation of what I do.  All in all, my incorporation of live piano makes me very unique and has certainly helped me become the top wedding DJ in Charleston. That being said,  I like to stress that my ability as a DJ is the backbone of my performance. 

A Charleston Wedding DJ with A Unique Approach and Unmatched Experience

I work one on one with my couples as the only entertainer at my company and am not a booking agent. This allows me to provide my clients and couples with a much more personalized service and planning process for their wedding or event. More so, I’m able to provide better value without the overhead or advertising expenses that large booking agencies and DJ companies have to cover. You can have peace of mind knowing that I will be the one at your wedding, not some other DJ you have never met.

My experience comes from performing next to the world’s top internationally ranked DJs and musicians, including DJ Tiesto, “party-rockers” LMFAO, Porter Robinson, Cassidy Pope, Darius Rucker, Zedd, Chris Brown and many many others. See IMAGES.

These days I focus on being the best possible wedding DJ in Charleston. My high-energy approach to entertainment has allowed me to perform at 1000’s of weddings and events to date. As I like to mention, DJing is the foundation of what I do but my piano adds a “live” experience that simply DJing itself cannot provide. This unique hybrid approach has given me the opportunity to perform at nationally recognized weddings and events and even for celebrities. Most rewarding, I have DJ’d for over a dozen wedding planners getting married themselves and it’s an honor to be their first choice as the one trusted to entertain their friends and family.

Darby Events Wedding Are Unlike Any Other

Another distinction between myself and any other wedding DJ in Charleston is the way I mix, match and blend music. I have become well known for my unique “mash-ups” and love harmonically mixing and matching instrumentals and acapellas as well as playing unique mixes of original classics from all different eras all genres. As a result, I have found the recipe for success in making people from 25 to 65 party on the same dance floor. Overall, I want to use my expertise to make your event stand out. Check out “The Music” page!

All in all, my niche style of DJing and incorporation of live piano instrumentation adds something special that guests of all ages are always intrigued by. The entertainment at your wedding or event is very important and I would love to share what I do with you and your guests. Out of all the DJs in Charleston, SC, no one will work harder to make sure that you have the best day of your life and my past couples would love to tell you all about it! FAQ’S AND REVIEWS.

So Why are wedding DJs so expensive?

Wedding DJs can be expensive for a few different reasons. First, they typically have a lot of experience and expertise in their craft, which can command a higher rate. They also often invest in high-quality equipment and technology to ensure that they provide the best possible sound and lighting for your wedding reception. Additionally, wedding DJs often spend a significant amount of time preparing for each event, including meeting with the couple ahead of time to discuss music preferences and creating customized playlists to fit the couple’s style and vision for their special day. Finally, there is also the cost of running a business, such as marketing, advertising, insurance, and other overhead expenses that contribute to the overall cost of hiring a professional wedding DJ. While it may seem like a significant expense upfront, many couples find that hiring an experienced and skilled wedding DJ is well worth the investment when it comes to creating an unforgettable celebration. Quality matters!